First: Education and the development of individual capacities
The vision of Al Maktoum Foundation through His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, raising the level of the Islamic nation with science and knowledge through schools, colleges and Islamic centers in the framework of this interest Authority has a number of projects including but not limited to:
1 – Elementary local public schools, United Arab Emirates, and has provided for more than 40 school laboratories, computers and equipping libraries and work umbrellas foreign arenas.
2 – construction of nearly forty High School in the continent of Africa is the exchange annually approved budget
3 – building Al Maktoum College of Engineering Studies in the city of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
4 – annual support for Palestinian students enrolled in universities Jordan
5 – Project school bags for needy students of different countries.
6 – Support for scientific research and development.
7 – Build Institute of Technology bears the name of Sheikh Saeed Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum – India
8 – To contribute to the construction of housing for university students of the International Islamic Islamabad – Pakistan
9 – Supporting a constant annual School Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Mexico.
10 – building the Faculty of Science at the University of Global Africa Sudan.

Second: to contribute to fill the needs of communities
Launched Commission in its work of her sense toward the sons of the nation and the people of Arab and Islamic nations At the local level Authority has inaugurated the four centers of the body and the management of Beit Al Khair Society, which is based on providing assistance to the families of the needy in the United Arab Emirates also offers body support annually to various charities in the country.
And Al Maktoum Foundation projects in most countries of the world and include such projects (humanitarian aid to needy families and to ensure that orphans and projects implemented breakfast and fasting feast of Eid and the conduct of campaigns pilgrims and school bag and brushes building mosques and centers handicapped)
In 2003, he was the founding of the Office of the Republic of Iraq to follow up and implement projects Authority

Third: Health
This sector includes the construction and equipping of hospitals and agencies and these projects:
1 – create a care unit specialized in women and childbirth.
2 – financing assistance for the management of school health for the provision of medical equipment, computers and more.
3 – To contribute to the construction and processing of Dar Al Shifa Hospital – Lebanon.
4 – Processing of Al-Razi Hospital Care Unit Central – Palestine.

Fourth: attention to people with special needs
The Al Maktoum Charity of great interest to people with special needs and is keen to provide whatever it takes to help them to engage communities, was the completion of several projects, including:
1 – the construction and operation of the center of Sheikha Maitha girl Rashid Al Maktoum, “Hatta” UAE
2 – build and finance center Al Maktoum of cerebral palsy – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
3 – provide annual support for a number of local and international centers.

Fifth: Alagathat
The most important projects, relief and emergency assistance that the Commission has done:
1 – Mozambique flood victims.
2 – Earthquakes in Iran and Algeria.
3 – Tsunami – Sri Lanka.
4 – Niger famine in 2005.
5 – famine in the Horn of Africa, Kenya – Somalia – Ethiopia – Rwanda in 2006.
6 – Relief Somalia in 2011.

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