Supporting Scientific Research at Al Ain University Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation Receives the Canadian Consul in Dubai

8 July, 2016

08 Jul. 2016

Mohammed Obaid bin Ghannam, Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation received in his office the Canadian General Consul in Dubai, who came to visit the Foundation asking the sponsorship for the Annual Charitable Marathon (Terry Fox), which is sponsored by the Canadian General Consulate in Dubai, in support for the scientific research in the UAE University in Al Ain, for fighting cancer diseases. The Consul also intended to be briefed about the charitable and humanitarian activities of the Foundation.

The Secretary-General presented to the Canadian Consul a detailed explanation about the tasks that the Foundation takeover in the educational, relief and charitable field, noting that the Foundation, under the directives of the patron, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, has established a distinguished and unique educational project in Africa by providing buildings and budgets that assist the educational process, as related to books, tools, desks, and accreditation of academic curricula, each according to its own country. This activity extended to establish three university colleges. It also included the people of the Islamic communities in Europe.

Bin Ghannam explained that the Foundation reflected a shining image about the Arab and Islamic World in Europe, refuting the lies and contributing in supporting the understanding, awareness and forgiveness among the humanitarian cultures through the affiliate cultural centers in Europe, and Al Maktoum College for Islamic Studies in Dundee, Scotland.

On the other hand, the Canadian General Consul in Dubai praised this accomplishment and distinguished work in Africa and Europe. He offered a cooperation memorandum between both parties in the charitable and humanitarian field, and supporting the programs and activities performed by both parties.

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