MSc Islamic Finance in Al Maktoum College and University of Dundee

8 August, 2016




08 Aug 2016

Al Maktoum College of Higher Education and the University of Dundee have announced a new collaboration which will see them provide a new range of Masters degree programs in the area of Islamic finance.

Three new Masters degrees will be available – MSc Islamic Finance, MSc Islamic Banking and Finance and MSc Islamic Banking, Finance and International Business.

The College and the University have signed an agreement to work together to deliver the Masters degrees and to explore further potential for collaboration.

Dr. Hossein Godazgar, Principal and Vice Chancellor of Al Maktoum College stated that the agreement with the University of Dundee is an ‘historic turning point’ for the College. The agreement will see the University of Dundee offer the Masters degrees and provide conventional finance modules with the ‘Islamic’ modules designed by the College and delivered by College staff. The Masters degrees will be subject to the University of Dundee’s quality assurance procedures.

Dr. Godazgar pointed out that this agreement with the University of Dundee will help the College become a major center in the UK in the area of Islamic studies, in general, and Islamic finance, in particular.

“I am delighted we have established this collaborative relationship between both academic institutions, especially with the excellent reputation of the University of Dundee both in the UK and internationally. It is significant for the city of Dundee that we join forces to offer contemporary, top-class programs for students in this particular field of study. This agreement will help the College grow in the academic world.”

“This is an historic turning point in eh College’s fifteen-year history and all of us here acknowledge the significant of the agreement. We will work hard to make sure the University and our new colleagues are happy with the collaborative arrangements.”

He stated that the College will increase the academic staff numbers in drive to bring more students to Dundee for these three new programs. The current easement will initially run for three years

Dr. William Russell, Program Director for the Masters in International Business at the University, said, “We are excited about the potential of these new programs to benefit a wide range of students from across the world.”

“These new programs are special n terms of their flexibility and that they allow the students to choose the right balance between the conventional finance content and the Islamic finance content so as to suit exactly their career needs.”

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