Al Maktoum Foundation Signs Contract to Implement 10 Water Pumping Stations in Sudan



In implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, Patron of Al Maktoum Foundation, the Foundation signed a contract for the implementation of 10 water stations in South Darfur and West Kordofan in Sudan, at a cost of AED1 million. Five wells were allocated to South Darfur in the areas of Nyala Al Salam, Nitega, and Aad A Fursan, while the other five were allocated to Al Sanot and Lagawa in West Kordofan.

In a statement to Al Bayan, Mohammed Obaid bin Ghannam, the Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation said that the regions for the wells have been selected very carefully, as that areas are experiencing water scarcity, leading to a consequent struggle to supply tribes, in addition to the lack of clean water.

Bin Ghannam added that the project serves more than half a million people, and it is expected that these stations will lead to the stabilization and reconstruction of large areas in the regions. The Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation praised the coordination and warm welcoming expressed by the official and public authorities in Sudan, as well as their remarkable cooperation for the implementation of this project.

He said that each water station consists of artesian wells, a water storage tank with a capacity of 25 cubic meters, pump and generator, and pipes for water distribution to citizens. Additionally, the wells are surrounded by protective wire and supply irrigation for animals in proportion to the nature of the pastoral zone.

A delegation from the Al Maktoum Foundation, headed by the Secretary-General and with the membership of Hamdan Hamid Mohammed, Cultural Counsellor of the Foundation, visited Sudan lately and met with Ahmad Mohamed Adam, Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, signing in his presence a contract with companies qualified to execute the project, which is expected to be completed within four months.

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