Al Maktoum Foundation Receives Delegation from Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt

Mohammed Obaid bin Ghannam, the Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation received a delegation from Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt, which visits the UAE. The delegation is headed by Dr. Sharif Abu Al Naja, Vice Director of the Hospital for Research, Education, Development and Foreign Relations.

Dr. Sharif said: “the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt is a humanitarian foundation, aiming at reducing the suffering of the children infected by the disease and their families, as well as supporting them with hope based on three important pillars, which are: continual development through the application of science, spreading awareness and prevention from cancer. Due to the quality of free medical service that the Hospital offers, the healing rate rose to 72% where it witnessed demand on it from all round Egypt, the fact that necessitated establishing expansion projects so as to be able to receive larger numbers of patients.

“The hospital is about to establish a branch in Tanta City to serve the provinces of the Lower Egypt, along with establishing a house for hospitality to save the burden of travel and transportation for the families of the patients. As well, the construction of training academy for healthcare sciences is underway to prepare a new generation of healthcare professionals who are able to provide high quality service,” he added.

Moreover, the Secretary-General of Al Maktoum Foundation appreciated this visit, stating that the Hospital represents a real success story for this leading humanitarian project, and that the private sector is not considered an economic entity only, but also an entity connected with the community to which it belongs, and contributes to its development. The social responsibility has recently acquired increased importance by its positive participation in the community development and awareness in fields such as health, education and preserving the environment.

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