Al Maktoum Foundation Celebrates Graduation of Quran Memorization Course in Jordan

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs – Directorate of Endowments in Zarqa Governorate, Jordan, in cooperation with Al Maktoum Masjid in Zarqa organized a major ceremony to mark the graduation of Quran memorizing course held in the Masjid for 458 students.

The Imam and Khateeb of the Masjid said “these courses are held regularly with the support of Al Maktoum Foundation to teach students. At the ceremony, school bags and some financial rewards are distributed to students. Al Maktoum Masjid in Zarqa, Jordan performs many events dedicated to the students enrolled in the centers of Quran memorization in which a large number of students from different age groups study. Various Islamic activities and events held there include ‘Quranic I’tikaaf’ and some scientific and educational courses and lectures. They ae all delivered by specialist scholars and teachers.”

He added that these courses meet many of the goals and outcomes in terms of developing skills and expertise of the students, and instilling sound and virtuous concepts and ethics, as well as good behavior and management of free time with something beneficial.

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