Asian countries

AMF helpful hand was also extended to the Muslim nations in Asia including: Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The projects include water well drilling, student and orphan support, building of clinics and surgical operation theatres in addition to family support and Ramadan and eid packages, as briefed below:


We’ve supported students at the Sultan Ismail Putra Islamic University.


AMF has built a residence and a restaurant for 400 female students in the International Islamic University in Islamabad. A Quran school was helped expand. Bedouin support operations were launched including the drilling of water wells at convenient locations.


Thanks to a kind support from the UAE embassy in Pakistan, we were able to build an advanced wing for the Maternity Hospital including a room for child delivery, and operation theatre, child care room and 10 patient rooms.


Our operations in this country were focused on financial aid to various charity organizations in addition to standard Ramadan and eid packages.


AMF has established sheikh Said Bin Hamdan Institute of Technology in the State of Kerala. We have also provided financial and material support to several institutions across the state, such as the Sunni Education Center in Calicut. A major Masjid is also under construction in the state.


We have provided financial aid to various charities and built a vocational training center for tailoring.


We have coordinated with UAE embassy there to provide financial support to charities and teachers.


Ramadan Activities, Hajj sponsorship and Masjid heating.


An official invitation was extended to AMF by the Autonomous Republic of Ningxia in China, based on which a delegation travelled to China in March 2004. A meeting was held with the region’s
president to discuss various possibilities of cooperation. Of particular interest was the Chinese
government’s initiative to assign land for the region’s families in need for residence purposes. HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum immediately instructed AMF to finance the building of houses for those families for free.  In coordination with all concerned parties, sheikh Hamdan Village was launched comprising 40 houses, a Masjid and a water well. The project was finalized in 2009 at a total cost of over one million dollars. The projects inauguration was well received by both the local government and the residents. We thank the UAE embassy in China for their role in supporting this project.


Sri Lanka
A Masjid was built in the capital city of Colombo.


We have built a school and an additional wing for the Islamic University in Bebrat Neger.


Financial and operational support to a major Muslim school.

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