Arab Countries

AMF has launched several charitable projects in 14 Arab countries including Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania and Comoros. These projects span the various social needs of those societies including health and medical services, education, construction of masajid, schools, hospitals and vocational training centers in additions to Quran education centers and relief campaigns. They also include humanitarian aid to
families in need, orphan sponsorship as well as Ramadan activities, pilgrims support, school books among others.


As part of the UAE Unified Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People, AMF’s primary contribution was to participate in the committee’s designated projects. In addition, the foundation has financially supported several charity organizations inside Palestine and has also provided
medical equipment and supplies to several hospitals including an integrated ICU unit for Al Razi Hospital in 1999.
Furthermore, the foundation is a major sponsor of the Palestine Children Fund, chaired by US Professor Steve Southbi, through an annual donation to the Fund that provides healthcare and humanitarian services to Palestinian children inside and outside Palestine. Other projects include
the construction of Masjids, building Quran teaching centers, financial aid to families in needs, orphan sponsorship, School bags as well as eid and Ramadan packages.


AMF projects in Jordan include construction of Masjid, support of poor families, sponsorship of orphans and addition to school bags and Ramadan activities. Furthermore, an orphanage was built and an ambition program was adopted to provide financial, hardware and medical support to centers of children with special needs. Of particular interest is the building of a specialized center for the treatment of cerebral palsy in children.


Our operations in Lebanon are primarily medical but also include orphan support and financial aid to selected charities. In Southern Lebanon, medical equipment was funded for several clinics, including partial support to the building of Dar ul Shifa hospital. Two other hospitals were on our agenda one in the northern city of Tripoli where we built a two storey building to be used as a local hospital and the second in Sidon were we contributed to the construction of an ophthalmology charity hospital.


In 2003, HH Sheikh Hamdan instructed AMF to open an office in Iraq to support families in need and poor student as well as providing sponsorship to Imams and Quran programs. The office is also involved in the qualification of universities and research centers. A Masjid and school were built in Kurdistan.


AMF donates an annual aid to an orphanage in Cairo and provides computers and university text book for Tajikstan students in Egyptian universities.


Our projects here include orphan sponsorship, Ramadan and eid activities, in addition to sending pilgrims to Mecca for hajj. We also have two projects under construction to build two orphanages in
Meknes and in Rabat. Medical equipment and supplies as well as an ambulance were also donated to hospitals.


In Yemen, we provide Masjid construction in addition to financial and equipment support to charity organizations as well as Ramadan and eid activities.


AMF provides financial and material support to various charities such as Hamad Charity Fund and Baytul Quran.


We have teamed up with another UAE charity to drill a series of water wells in rural villages.


As outlined earlier, we have 4 high schools in Sudan in addition to three integrated educational/service complexes located in Darfur. We also have a university college in the capital and a major Masjid in the second largest city of the nation.


Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan School was built in the capital city of Moroni and we have provided carpets for several Masjids.


We have two high schools in this country in Hergisa and Busasu in addition to several Masjids. But the main activity is the continuous relief program that targets the poorest areas of the country.

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