AMF Projects in Australia, New Zealand, North & South America

To complement its international role, AMF has extended its activities in North and South America to provide necessary support to the Muslim communities there by bridging the gap with the academia and the local society. These activities include:


We have established a center for Arabic and Islamic studies at the National University of Australia, which was opened in November 2002. We also support the annual Jerusalem Show and an annual trip to Hajj for Muslims of Australia.


New Zealand
AMF has bought a land for the Muslim Endowment and constructed a Masjid and an Islamic center.


United States
We have strong relations with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to support the Islamic efforts in the States. AMF has also financed the new headquarters of CAIR in Washington, DC. The Islamic Center in Detroit has also been on our agenda where we support their activities, and have financed the Masjid expansion and building a new hall in the Islamic Museum there.


AMD provided financial aid to organizations such as the Islamic Center of Ottawa and the Islamic Association of North Montreal. Several Muslims were sent to Hajj.


AMF provides regular annual support to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum School and have also financed a trip to Hajj. In addition, charity carpentry, bakery and female tailor shop were opened. We are now evaluating a combined project that will include a Masjid, a clinic and a school
to serve New Muslims.


We provide financial support every year to the Islamic Education Institute in the capital and Sheikh Rashid Masjid in Cordoba.

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