AMF Projects in Africa

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Educational Project in Africa as described by the African Union as the most important charitable educational project to be executed in African by a single financier. The project was nothing but a realization of the vision of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid
Al Maktoum, AMF Patron, to suggest a practical solution to the major problems facing the African continent, including challenges like poverty, diseases, instability and economic problems. HH Sheikh Hamdan’s vision was clear, sharp and direct: quality education is the best solution to serve millions of people in the least fortunate parts of the world. That’s how HH Sheikh Hamdan adopted this program and kept on financing it year after year since 1997. The purpose of building these schools, as envisioned by HH Sheikh Hamdan, is to educate students at the highest levels of scientific efficiency, send them to the best university colleges and to expand the opportunities of integrated education for thousands of African youth who were deprived from education either because of poverty or lack of schools in addition to the low level of the available schools which kills
any ambitions for further education. To meet this goal, AMF launched a series of integrated schools, fully equipped with laboratories, educational assets in addition to qualified administrated,
experienced teachers and adequate funds for development. The results were reflected in pioneering schools in terms of high school examination results as well as their contribution to the local communities. This huge, ambitious project was in fact AMF’s very first project in Africa in 1997
and its first phase saw ten secondary schools build in eight countries namely Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Chad, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Senegal. The project then continued to expand until today where it has 40 schools and colleges in 22 African nations.

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